Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The return of the ankh

I Check the web news and a few blogs I follow every morning before I start my day. This just means poli-tricks seem to be catching my eyes again. This should mean a few political cartoons should be working their way through my brain. So, saying that, keep a look out and be sure to comment good or bad on my side of the stories. I won't say much more here I'll just let the artwork speak for me.
April is right upon us and I'm still working on the comic book. Just when you think you can do something on time it hits you that you didn't plan right. But moving forward it's still coming to a PC near new, real soon.
Now on to the real deal:
After seeing her new video I decided to dig in the sketch book and mess around with a not so old drawing. I've been into her music for some time and anytime she comes out with something I just have to hear it. One day I'll catch a show of hers with my wife, who also digs her style. I didn't spend to much time on it and I think it shows, however I'm pleased with the finished look. When I start doing the background I have no plans and whatever comes to mind...well there it is. 

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