Tuesday, June 29, 2010

B-Side 2.0

I haven't posted anything in some time but I have a good reason. A few months ago the wife and I started planning on going to Egypt on vacation for two weeks to visit her family. This will be the first time since we've been married that I get to see my in-laws, and my first visit to Egypt. 
As things started coming together it took me away from the computer, however, it didn't take my away from my sketch book. I didn't work on Stolen Moments but I did update the characters from B-Side. It looks like I'm going to start on that comic first and Stolen Moments will have to come along later.
Here are a few characters in their finished form. I hope ya digs.
Well, the Egypt trip is over and I'm back to the normal grind of life. I know I'm not saying much here, but I'm planning a few things.....stay frosty.